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We are a movie, television and audiovisual work production company located in the city of Iquique, Region of Tarapaca, Chile. Our focus are the daily experiences of people belonging to our land that had had an important social and cultural impact in the history of the northern zone of Chile. These stories that, many times, are waiting in the anonymity to be narrated. We truly belief that these important moments are not only personal. They are the reflection of a lifestyle, huge social and historical scenarios that create a multicultural variety. We want that our productions cause a local impact and, why not, worldwide impact for the content and the esthetic treatment which always adapts to the high standards of world cinema production.

Mauricio Santander
Patricio Santander

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Our Mission

To create audiovisual works through productions related to the north of Chile reflecting the most important moments of our current history. We are professionals with national and international experience.

Our Team

·       Patricio Santander.

·       Mauricio Santander




Iquique, Chile

We want to become an audiovisual production company that represents the north of Chile, offering a first class service through our movies and series that will place our region as an attractive place in the world, where their historical incidents have had a high impact in history and they deserve to be known.

Our Vision

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