In March 2017, Sander Films participated in the 5th Nepal Human Rights International Film Festival.

The movie director Patricio Santander assisted to this contest with the documentary “El Palero” (The Shovel Man). 90 movies from around the world competed on it and Sander Films won the international film category in this contest. In the words of Patricio: “It has been an emotional/exciting experience and a great achievement to the team that worked in “El Palero”. Nepal is, in many ways, very similar to the North of Chile in terms of geography and social events. Our history touched the sensitivity and the hearts of the inhabitants of this country, of the participants and jury of this contest.

The Nepali people also suffered abuses to their civil rights that is why our work was so significant to them. We are very glad that Chilean movies can generate an impact in far places as the East and this gives to us the guideline to keep working on this.

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